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Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating is a division of Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc. The Cooling & Heating division provides technical support and training to contractors, engineers, architects and distributors on its award-winning line of variable refrigerant flow (VRF) zoning and split-zoning cooling and heating systems for both commercial and residential installations. The latest innovations in comfort technology and energy efficient HVAC products are provided by Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating.

Mitsubishi Mini Splits
Ductless Cooling & Heating

Lifestyle Benefits
Having a great home heating and cooling system is about more than just basic comfort – it’s about matching it to your lifestyle and that of your family. When you choose the Mitsubishi brand for your home, you get a company that provides the ultimate indoor heating, cooling and air quality products. From individual comfort controls to keep every member of your family happy, to energy reducing technologies and quietly operating devices, we have everything you need to enjoy your home.
Great Alternative to Window Units
A Mitsubishi mini split system is much quieter and more efficient than a traditional window unit.  You will never have to lug heavy window units to your bedrooms or sacrifice window space again; mini splits are mounted high on your wall and are operated by a remote control thermostat.

Comfort Control
One of the greatest advancements in technology in recent years is individualized comfort control zones. Mitsubishi MiniSplits offer individual sensors in each room, remote control, and single point thermostats.  These features and self-adjusting inverter based technologies in your new heating or cooling unit allow you to get accurate, targeted comfort control in specific zones of your home. No matter where you are or what your preferences, we have the technology and expertise to give you optimal comfort control in your home.

Energy Efficient
Today’s heating and cooling systems are more energy efficient than ever before. Mitsubishi’s indoor units are designed to maintain steady temperatures, keeping energy consumption consistent. You’re energy use will be significantly lower than with older technology – in some cases as much as 40% lower. Individual room controls allow adjust settings on a room by room basis, and adjust for rooms that are not in use. Combine that with the newest Energy Star rated devices, and you can be assured your bills will be consistently lower each season. There’s no reason you can’t save money and stay comfortable at the same time – that’s the benefit that Mitsubishi’s MiniSplit technology offers.

Allergen Filtration
Your home should be an oasis of clean, healthy air. Mitsubishi provides the superior indoor air quality systems to remove allergens such as pollen, pet dander, dust, mold and mites from your air. Mitsubishi Electric indoor units use a sophisticated multi-part filter system to remove contaminants from the air. The standard unit has a hybrid catechin pre-filter, using antioxidants to absorb odor-causing gases, as well as a Blue enzyme anti-allergen filter. The enhanced filter system units have the standard filtration, plus a Platinum Catalyst deodorizing filter for high power odor absorption. We have the technology needed to clean your air thoroughly of potential allergens, eliminate odors,  and leave your home with fresh healthy air.

Design Lifestyle
Over time lifestyles change—children move out, sleeping quarters may shift from one floor to another, or you might build on an addition to your home. Your comfort control system should be flexible enough to adapt with your needs. With Mitsubishi MiniSplits you can design your home comfort system to ensure that you stay comfortable year round. With zone control, these systems will allow you to save money on heating and cooling costs.

Eco Technology
Your home comfort choices can have an impact on the environment. Mitsubishi’s commitment to eco-conscious heating and cooling ensures you can feel good about choosing our brand for your home’s comfort system. Mitsubishi carries a full line of energy efficient products that comply with ENERGY STAR guidelines and we use only environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant. With inverter powered Mitsubishi MiniSplits, you can significantly reduce energy consumption while staying comfortable in your home.

Inverter Technology
Mitsubishi’s inverter technology creates a smarter, more efficient compressor system. This technology measures heating and cooling needs, adjusting the compressor accordingly. This way you use only the energy needed to cool or heat a specific room. This technology, in turn, reduces annual heating and cooling costs and ensures a smaller environmental impact from your home.

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Awards and Recognition

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation's air-conditioning and heating systems have been among the most highly decorated in the industry.


  • ASHRAE awarded the Mitsubishi Electric DOAS (dedicated outdoor air systems) AHR Product of the Year.
  • VRF and Split-Ductless Systems won a Top-10 Product Award for 2012 from BuildingGreen.
  • M-Series products won honorable mention Dealer Design Awards from ACH&R News.
  • P-Series Hyper-Heat INVERTER won a Readers' Choice Award from RSES Journal.


  • AHR Innovation Award from ASHRAE for Mitsubishi Electric DOAS (dedicated outdoor air systems).
  • Professional Builder and Professional Remodeler Magazines awarded the M-Series one of the 101 Best New Products award.
  • P-Series Hyper-Heat INVERTER won Top 100 Products award from BUILDING PRODUCTS.
  • The M-Series won Remodelers' Choice 100 Products from Qualified Remodeler.
  • Building Operation Management - VRFZ Hyper-heat INVERTER technology won a Top Products Award
  • Building Operation Management - Jet Towel won a Top Products Award




  • Contracting Business named Mitsubishi Electric Contractors' Most Preferred Brand.


  • ACH&R NEWS named Mitsubishi Electric Contractors' Most Preferred Ductless Manufacturer and Contractors' Number One Brand in Price/Value, Availability, Reliability, and Performance Specifications.


  • Buildings Magazine: CITY MULTI systems won a Top 100 Smart Products Award.
  • Consulting Specifying Engineer: CITY MULTI systems won Product of the Year Bronze Award.


  • ACH&R NEWS: Mr. Slim systems won a Dealer Design Award Bronze Award.

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FMH HVAC KEY WEST Offers service and installation of Mitsubishi Products. Contact us for more info.

FMH HVAC KEY WEST Offers service and installation of Mitsubishi Products. Contact us for more info.